A space for high achieving women to re-define money, success and wealth.

While building a business it can feel so easy to be taken over by all the noise in the industry. Everyone preaching 6-figure launches, have a million-dollar business, be a multi-millionaire and have 5K days. Basically, make that $$ honey!

We get lost in the noise and loose ourselves along the way.   

Pushing hard. Working goal to goal. Achievement to achievement.

Feeling like we’ll never make it. Feeling like it isn’t attainable for us.

Wondering…when will it happen for me?! When will I finally have that breakthrough?! 

Girl, I want you to know…

It’s all happening for you right now. You are exactly where you’re meant to be.

I say…why try to just keep up when you can re-define the whole damn game?

You have the power to live your wealthiest and most successful life right now.

You always have the power within you to decide a new way!

To decide how wealth and money get to look and work for you!

The truth: wealth is not about how much money you have, but the amount of love and inspiration you allow to pour through you.

Wealth is a frequency you tap into. It’s a vibration you live.

Its deciding to live in a wealth of:






Yes, there may just be a few road blocks to clear to fully embracing it, but your wealthy inner woman is in there.

I know it and I know you FEEL her!

I don’t have a perfect formula to living a perfect wealthy and successful life because I don’t believe in a one size fits all, but what I know for sure is…the vibration and frequency of true wealth and how to embody it.

As someone who lives in what society claims is “wealth”, I have insights, powerful perspective shifts and a lot of failed attempts/lessons you can learn from. It’s a never ending journey to defining and again re-defining what wealth and success get to look like for you.

If you’re looking for a perfect 7 step road map to wealth and success, this isn’t it.

This is a container for women who are ready to get messy and explore the different ideas and beliefs around money, wealth and success to find what truly fits them.

The Wealth Container is the safe space for you to express your money struggles (because money attacks are REAL) and begin a path to fully re-defining and living your wealthiest and most successful life.

The Program:

8 live calls

4-month container

Private FB group support

We start January 4, 2021


– Guest speaker: Jammie Fabick (Author, Investor and mom!)

– 5 days to claiming your inner wealthy woman videos!!

– Wealth healing meditation!

In this Container you will journey alongside Wealth Leader, Rebecca Ann, in tapping into your unique wealth frequency and living it fully.

2 years ago when I was starting my business, I wish someone would’ve shown me I didn’t need to hit a certain goal or make a certain amount of money in my business to finally feel worthy, successful and good enough. I learned quickly wealth and success is an inner game.

The truth is I’ve made a lot of mistakes around money and wealth. I’ve abused it, but also used it for the good. Spent money in alignment and very out of alignment, which triggered my shame.

I still experience scarcity, lack, still have money attacks, but also have an 8-figure net worth. There’s days I feel so freaking wealthy and overflowing with abundance, and days I don’t.

I used to think money is what would bring me the safety, worthiness and happiness..until I realized it doesn’t.

I thought becoming a millionaire and multi-millionaire would mean I’m finally worthy, good enough and made it…until I experienced it and nothing changed.

I truly honor each part of the journey and the ins and outs to true foundational wealth building, which takes time and a container to explore what feels true to you!

What I’m sharing over the 4 months is my compounded knowledge around foundational wealth and grounded success.

I believe every one of us has a right to feeling wealthy no matter our financial situation. Each of us has the freedom to decide what being wealthy and successful means to US, not society’s BS standards.

It is your birthright to feel wealthy & successful!!

This is for the woman who…

– Is an overachiever always planning the next goal, while feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of achievement to achievement. Feeling tired, overwhelmed and stuck.

– Feels confident in her soul gifts, but lacks feeling successful and wealthy in her business.

– Has the money flowing, crushing her goals, but still feels lack, or like it’s never enough. Always needing more, more and more, but it never seems enough.

-Has taken all the “money courses” and mindset work around money, but something still

doesn’t feel right. Wondering…why don’t I live in more abundant overflow?

I’ve done the work!!

– Is ready to begin connecting and living in a vibration of wealth while feeling inspired, joyful and present!

When do we start?

Out first call is Monday January 4th. From there will decide as group dates and times that feel best and serve everyone!

What happens when I sign up?

Once you sign up you have instant access to the bonuses (5 days to claiming your inner wealthy woman videos + a wealth healing meditation), but our first official LIVE call is January 4th!!

Will there be call replays?

YES! There will be replays for all the calls and they will live in your membership portal. Plus, I can share them in the FB group!!

Where will the live calls take place?

The calls will be via Zoom. Please download here:

“I had such an incredible experience with Rebecca for the 6 months I worked with her. I originally went to her because I felt stuck in my business and had a negative money mindset, but she did so much more. She helped heal the roots of these beliefs going back into my childhood and past experiences that I had no idea had such a powerful grasp on me. I finally feel more free and happier in my business, love life, friendships, family relationships and most importantly, with myself.”

Samantha Rubin, Network Marketing Professional (bossbabecrusade.com)

“With the right support from Rebecca and the other beautiful ladies, I have blossomed and bloomed. I have found my gift, but just as important, it has helped me to find myself, who had been hidden for far too many years. Rebecca is kind, caring, compassionate and so much space is held for you. This is where I could show my vulnerability in its rawness, because it was safe and all you feel is love, somewhere where you are heard with no judgement. Thank you Rebecca for bringing us together and for just being you.”

Carrie Wylde, Intutive Healer

“Rebecca has helped me tremendously with my thoughts and feelings around wealth. Before, I kept thinking it was something I had to obtain or “get to”.  Now, I realize how wealthy I already am and choose to fully embody this truth. Her teaching helped me release huge anxieties I had around money and have brought me so much peace. Also, her life experience is unique and makes her a credible mentor on what it means to be wealthy. I am forever grateful for the internal shifts that have occurred inside me since learning from Rebecca!”

Jessica Hutto, Intuitive Biz Coach & Chakra Queen www.jessicahutto.com